Slanted Tiled Bathroom/Kitchen Floor Out of Lego

Introduction: Slanted Tiled Bathroom/Kitchen Floor Out of Lego

Step 1: This Is the Finished Product

Step 2: What You'll Need

Step 3: 14 Dark Tan Stud-less 2X2

Or 15 if you don't want furniture or decorations

Step 4: 10 Sand Stud-less 2X2

Step 5: 25 1X2 Jumper Plates

Step 6: Ten 2X2 Plates of Any Color

(Not Visible)

Step 7: 14 1X1 Plates

(Not Visible)

Step 8: 4 1X2 Plate

(Not Visible)

Step 9: Furniture


Step 10: A 2X2 Jumper Plate


Step 11: Building

The rest is self-explanatory

Step 12: Lie Out a Pattern Like So

Step 13: And Lie Out the Tiles!

Step 14: Adding Furniture

Step 15: To Add Furniture

Lie out 1X18 2 studs high

Step 16: And Add It!!!!!

That's all for now, this is my first "indestructible" I'd Love to gain "Followers" and "Likes" That's it, Powered Out..........

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