Introduction: Slash 4x4 Buyers Guide ( Also Tips and Tricks)

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This is a guide whether or not you want to buy a slash 4x4.

Step 1: What Is It?

This is a short course truck from Traxxas. The base slash 4x4 costs around $400. The ultimate edition is around $590.

Step 2: Specs

The slash 4x4 comes with an aluminum driveshaft, ultra shocks, an nmih battery, tqi radio, brushless velinion motor, a velinion vxl 3s waterproof esc, and tqi micro receiver. You can get the oba (on board audio) and it is recorded sound from the traxxas team trucks. It is proportional to the throttle, so the faster you go the louder the engine will get. The only thing about this is it can get annoying after a while and you have to plug it into the body every time you want sound. If you choose to run a lipo battery you must put the esc into low voltage detection mode.

The slash 4x4 ultimate comes with many more features then the regular slash 4x4. It has gtr aluminum shocks, aluminum sway bars, aluminum caster blocks, aluminum steering blocks, aluminum rear hub carriers and aluminum wheel nuts. NOTE: it does not come with a battery or charger. It also has real time telemetry, which show the speed, voltage, rpms, temperature, and battery life all on your phone. The gtr shocks have threaded bodies so there is no need for spacers anymore. The sway bars help with handling around corners. One issue with this car is rocks can get wedged between the driveshaft and the chassis and scratch the driveshaft.

Step 3: Tips and Tricks

A very helpful tip it to get a pit stand. This will help greatly when you are doing maintenance on your truck. This will also reduce the stress on your shock springs if you store it on the stand. Another tip is to put longer screws through your shock towers so the shocks are held in place better. This will help from the shocks from stripping out of the shock tower. If you have the 2wd slash then you can use the same screw and put a nut at the end. Another great tip is to TAPE YOUR BODY! This will help the paint from rubbing off the nerf bars and the wheels rubbing on the body. In order for this to work you must use a fibrous tape like duct tape. There is also a picture of the stock screw compared to the upgraded screw.