Slash of Guns N Roses

Introduction: Slash of Guns N Roses

About: Newly singled mom trying to find her nitch in this world .filling my life with happiness and making others happy through my artisy abilities to bring joy with my crafts

Step 1: Materials

1 pair black or blue skinny jeans
1 black leather or pleather jacket
1 black curly wig
1 blue jean jacket
1 old tee shirt
Pair scissors
1 real or fake cigarette
1 guitar
1 slash top hat made from ice cream bucket

Step 2: Cut Sleaves

Cut the sleeves off jean jacket

Step 3: Assemble

Put in the skinny jeans then tee shirt.put black leather jacket with blue jean jacket over it.but on ur wig.

Step 4: Slash Top Hat From Ice Cream Bucket

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Cigarette and a guitar.if you don't have a guitar use a super soaker and be "Splash from Water Guns N Hoses"I hope you enjoy being a rock star for a day.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Oh no, those, those, those poor guitars. yall need a multi guitar rack lol but the costume is awesome !


    9 years ago

    I'm glad you like slash please vote for him


    9 years ago

    simple disguise: $5 with lespaul: $2500 with slash's lespaul: priceless...