Introduction: Slavink

We are going to make a typical dutch meat recipe, called slavink. When you are finished you will have a delicious meat product for the grill, cookingpan or bbq. Enjoy!

Step 1: First the Meat

You can use any kind of ground meat for this. But the in this original recipe we use half and half meat. This half and half meat contains 50% beef and 50% pork. For one Slavink you can use between the 80grm-100grm half and half meat.

Step 2: Fatback

For the shell of the slavink we will use fatback from the belly of a pork. Use one for each slavink.

Step 3: Flavour

To add some extra flavor to our slavink we made a spicemix of pepper, nutmeg, ginger and bread crumbs.

Step 4: Grap Your Meat!

Take with your hands or with a spoon, 80-100grm meet and roll this between your hands.

Step 5: Combine the Meat With the Fatback

Lay your rolled up meat on the fatback, make sure that your meat roll isn't to wide for the fatback.

Step 6: Lets Get Rolli'n

roll the fatback around the meat, make sure it is rolled up tight.

Step 7: Dip It

Dip the outer ends of the slavink in the spicemix.

Step 8: Almost Finished

your slavink is finished, but still you can't eat it raw. So you have to bake it, grill it in the oven or bbq. Bake or grill your slavink for 10min. If you don't want that your slavink contains a lot of fat from the fatback. Make use of the oven or bbq en make sure that the fat can drip away. This will make your salvink dry and crispy, but fat and juice taste also good! It's up to you to decide!! Enjoy.

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