Introduction: Sledgefire Slug With Not Much Modding

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Hello, And welcome back to another nerf mod. Today I will show you how to basically take out the ARs in a sledgefire shell.(Disclaimer: DO NOT DO THIS TO ALL YOUR SHELLS)

Step 1: AR Removal

Use needlenose pliers to pry apart the bonds between the AR and shell. Repeat this with all 3 ARs.

Step 2: Loading It

Back load one elite dart into the bottom slot of your shell. Make sure that this dart is on the bottom of the shell while in the blaster.

Step 3: Tips

Do not do this to all your shells(It may be tempting, but don't do it.)
Put your other 2 unmodded shells in the stock, so you can take darts out of them to breechload it
Do not put the darts in the stock all the way in, so you can load easier

Step 4: Done!

You have completed the slug mod for the nerf sledgefire. Now go snipe some things(it gets 70-80 fps for me)