Introduction: Sleep Fishing

We have all had those times where a friend or relative wants to sleep at a really inopotune time, like at night. I mean, how selfish of them. well there's a fun game you can play, well fun for you, that will keep them awake, and you entertained.

Step 1: Materials

you will need:

some string, long enough for your fishing needs four or five foot at least.

Some coins, coppers (one and two pence pieces) work perfectly, or any other currency coins of roughly the same size and value.

Some masking tape.

Step 2: Building Your Bait.

attach your coins to the end of the string with masking tape.

different bait combinations are as follows

1. skint - small change

2.spender - higher value coins -10s 20s 50s (or any other coins of around the same value)

3.goldfish - pound coins two pound coins (Euro coins, dollar notes wrapped around a weight etc.)

Also invent your own, the higher value bait always works best ;)

Step 3: Rubbish Coins

(ONLY APPLIES TO UK) If you have any of those stupid new coins, use those, who cares if you loose them.

Step 4: How to Play

Cast out your line onto your targets bed. pull it along inch by inch to get your targets attention. Then if your target doesn't respond pull it back again and cast out closer to they're head (don't hit them though). once you have they're attention begin the game.

If they move, pull the bait back and exclaim "OHH! I GOT A NIBBLE OVER THERE!" in a bad Australian accent impression (and if you are Australian, do a surprised stereotypical Englishman "I say Charles, I seem to have got a nibble over there."

If you don't pull it away, then they might catch it in which case you have successfully awoken them from they're slumber. pull the string tight and wave it about exclaiming that you have got a bite on the line.

If they pull the money off the string, tell them that it's your money and you want it back, this will make them feel that they are getting there own back. but you are the one in control, this has made them interested in the game and they will now participate whilst thinking that they are winning. You know that you have loads more coins ready if they take them and you have gotten your target to wake up.

*HINT* if you tell your target you have changed your bait to higher value coins, they will be move likely to play.

Good luck.