Sleep-Mode ScreenSaver

Introduction: Sleep-Mode ScreenSaver

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Hello again!, Today i will be showing you haw to make a screen-saver animation using pictures! This will probably be one of the simplest instructables out there but the idea is creative and the final result is very nice. NOTE: this instructable is designed for windows 7 computer or laptop, It may work with other versions of windows but i cannot guarantee it. So without further to do lets get to It!

Step 1: Face Paint!

For the first step you'll need to open up a drawing software of some sort. Get creative a make two faces of a black screen snoring. (OPTIONAL: it is also possible to make other animations such as a clock, a timer, a bomb, a more realistic face, ETC. but to keep it simple i will use the face above) once you are satisfied save/export the pictures as a .PNG

Step 2: New Folder

Next Step create a new folder(name it whatever you want and place your .PNG images inside them. Make sure that no other files or pictures are in the folder except for the two .PNGs (the happy guy was to cover a few personal items :p)

Step 3: "Now for the Tricky Part"

Ok now for the tricky part, open your computers control panel(the program NOT the actual computer 'O') Then find Appearance>Personalization>Screensaver. From the drop-down list choose "Photos" then click alter the settings. Browse for the folder you saved the two .PNGs to, after you've selected it press "ok" and alter the screen savers speed setting to "fast" (make sure "Shuffle" is NOT turned on)...

Step 4: YOUR DONE!

Finally your done! you now have a screen saver animation that makes your computer monitor look like its sleeping. now either click the "preview" button to view your screen saver OR continue on with your day. If you enjoyed this instructable please comment and even if you didn't please comment. Also if any of you have modified your pictures and come up with an interesting screensaver animation please Share, Thank you and Good Bye!

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