Introduction: Sleeping Hat

For years I have used a sleeping mask when I take a nap. I am very sensitive to light and while the mask helps, it always lets a little light through the bottom. So I put this sleeping hat together.

I sewed a small piece of wire into the folds of an old beanie cap. I used a sewing machine but, you could easily sew this by hand.

Step 1: Here's the Problem

Sorry for the unflattering camera angles

I've worn a beanie over my face wrapped towels and t-shirts over my eyes but, a little light always bleeds through. It seems that my fat freekin' nose doesn't work well with any face covering.

Step 2: The Wire

I'm using this wide electrical wire but, you could use any stiff wire.

I cut off a small length around 3 inches and capped both ends in hot glue.

Step 3: Sewing

Place the wire twords the bottom of the hat and fold the bottom edge up and around the piece of wire.

Now sew around the wire to trap it into its own pocket.

Annnnnnd Its done. That's it just, a few minutes on the sewing machine.

Step 4: All Set

Pull the beanie over your eyes and bend the wire around your nose and you're all set.

It's probably because of all the face masks that I had to wear lately that I came up with this but, it truly does work better than any mask at keeping the light out of my eyes. This hat makes it a thousand times easier for me to fall asleep during the daytime.

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