Introduction: Sleep'n'Jack

The materials you will need:

2 jackets roughly the same size, width, and length.

Sewing kit or sewing machine.

5 zippers lengths 18in, 38in, and 48in.


Step 1: Turning the Jacket Into a Sleeping Bag.

Take both jackets and the 48in zipper and lay all materials down. You will take one jacket and put the zipper on the bottom where the waist ends. You well sew the zipper all the way around the end of the waist. You well then do the same for the other jacket so it looks like the jacket in the picture.

Step 2: Turn the Jacket Into a Bag Part 1

You well then take the outer jacket and replace the main front zipper with the 38in zipper. You will make sure the zipper extends all the way to the hoodie. You well sew the zipper to the ends of the hoodie to make it you can zip and close up the hoodie.

Step 3: Turning the Jacket Into a Bag Part 2

Place the outer jacket back on the inner jacket. From here you want to get two clamps and sew them just above the lower pockets on the jackets. Once that is down, sew the remaining clamps onto the ends of the sleeves of the jacket. Once that is done you'll be able to turn the outer jacket into a bag.

Step 4: Nice

Congrats you have just made a Sleep'in'jack