Introduction: Slender Man Prop

Step 1: Get Everything You Need

Make sure to get the following
1 6ft 2x4 $3.00
1 blank face styrofoam head (hobby lobby) $8.99
1 small peace of wood 1x2 or scrap wood make sure it is about 20 inch in length
1 black blazer, black tie and white button down shirt (all from thrift store $5 total)
1 roll of gorilla tape ($6)
Metal fastener and nails $4
Total cost around $23 to $25

Step 2: Build the Body

Attach the small peace of wood at the top of the 2x4 using the fasteners and nails
Make sure it is secure and be careful

Step 3: Add the Head

Attach the head how ever you like. I found that strips of gorilla tape work well and don't be afraid to use a lot of tape, be sure the head will stay on!

Step 4: Put on the Clothes

Put the blazer, shirt and tie on the body part of the rig, make sure to button all the buttons and make it look nice.

Step 5: Find a Great Place and Put It Up

You can do what I did and put in in a bush or you can put him peaking from behind a tree or fence either way have fun with it.

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