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Introduction: Slice of Wood Night Light

About: Hello. My name is Thomas. I love spending time in my workshop. Please check my Youtube channel. I hope you enjoy :)

Hello everyone, in this instructable I wanna show you how to make Slice of Wood Night Light with light intensity contoller. This project is very cheap and easy to make. I made video and step by step instruction how to make it. This lamp give you soft and warm light at night.

To make your own lamp you need:

- piece of wood
- clear varnish
- electric switch
- cable
- electronic parts (look step 4)
- bulb (I used edison bulb)

- table saw
- belt sander
- planer
- wood glue
- brush
- soldering iron
- screw driver
- cnc router or chisel

Step 1: Take a Piece of Wood

First you have to find a nice piece of wood (I used beech). Remember wood must be well dried ! This prevents cracking and facilitates the work in wood. Remove all the bark from the wood.

Step 2: Cut a Slice of Wood

Now cut a slice of wood. To cut I used table saw and hand saw. Next alignment surfaces. First surface I aglained on planer, second on cnc router. To make surfaces better use a belt sander. Now your slice of wood is perfect and prepared to next step :)

Step 3: Milling in Wood

Now make holes in wood. I used cnc router but optional you can use normal router or chisel. To bottom of hole I glued piece of plywood to stiffen the wood.

Step 4: Electronic

If you wanna have a control on light intensity, make a simple electronic regulator. Schematic is on the photo. This is very simple in design but you must be very careful with high voltage !!!

Step 5: Paint

To paint wood I used clear varnish. I painted a bulb socket and bottom cover in black.

Step 6: Assembly Your Lamp

This is last step. Just assembly all parts to one lamp. Now your own Slice of Wood Night Light is ready to use :)

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

I hope you enjoy :)

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    5 years ago

    Very nice object indeed, warm and friendly. The only negative point is the dimmer you suggest, this is an interferences generator you can hear on any FM radio 100m arround. Such electronics aren't used no more. I didn't see a diac for 4 decades and though it was impossible to find nowadays !

    Thomas Workshop
    Thomas Workshop

    Reply 5 years ago

    I sometimes use this lamp next to radio and I have no problem with radio. Diac is old electronic part but still available in electronic store with no problem :) I used this electronics parts because they are very cheap, schematic is very easy and working very good.


    Reply 5 years ago

    OK. The interferences level is proportional to the load current, with a small load, such as yours, it seems to work fine and moreover there's a choke and a capacitor to filter.