Introduction: Slice of Wood Night Light

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Hello everyone, in this instructable I wanna show you how to make Slice of Wood Night Light with light intensity contoller. This project is very cheap and easy to make. I made video and step by step instruction how to make it. This lamp give you soft and warm light at night.

To make your own lamp you need:

- piece of wood
- clear varnish
- electric switch
- cable
- electronic parts (look step 4)
- bulb (I used edison bulb)

- table saw
- belt sander
- planer
- wood glue
- brush
- soldering iron
- screw driver
- cnc router or chisel

Step 1: Take a Piece of Wood

First you have to find a nice piece of wood (I used beech). Remember wood must be well dried ! This prevents cracking and facilitates the work in wood. Remove all the bark from the wood.

Step 2: Cut a Slice of Wood

Now cut a slice of wood. To cut I used table saw and hand saw. Next alignment surfaces. First surface I aglained on planer, second on cnc router. To make surfaces better use a belt sander. Now your slice of wood is perfect and prepared to next step :)

Step 3: Milling in Wood

Now make holes in wood. I used cnc router but optional you can use normal router or chisel. To bottom of hole I glued piece of plywood to stiffen the wood.

Step 4: Electronic

If you wanna have a control on light intensity, make a simple electronic regulator. Schematic is on the photo. This is very simple in design but you must be very careful with high voltage !!!

Step 5: Paint

To paint wood I used clear varnish. I painted a bulb socket and bottom cover in black.

Step 6: Assembly Your Lamp

This is last step. Just assembly all parts to one lamp. Now your own Slice of Wood Night Light is ready to use :)

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

I hope you enjoy :)

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