Introduction: Slide Action Self-Contained Pistol

Now, before we get started here, this is a prototype/proof of concept. I also have no intentions of posting a video or more pictures.

So in brief, this is a pistol which has the "ram" contained within and is still slide action, I was also going to post this with a magazine which had a self contained loader as well, but it only held 4 rounds, so I deemed it unfit.

So, here is a list of it's qualities:

-Slide Action

-Self Contained

-Magazine in handle

-Magazine release in handle

-Only shoots 20ft

-Jams often

I have since disassembled this to work on future projects, hopefully I gave enough pictures to reverse engineer this if you so wish.

Step 1: Initial Disassembly

Step 2: Close Up of the Slide

Step 3: Close Up of the Ram

Step 4: Front of Slide

Step 5: This Is How the Ram Band Is Attached

Step 6: Here Is the Magazine Release

Step 7: Close Up of the Ram

Step 8: Gun Without Slide and Release

Step 9: Another Disassembly

Step 10: Close Up of the Barrel