Introduction: Slide Board, a How to Without Breaking the Bank!

Hi. this is my first instructable, so please be kind.

This is for skaters, bladers, figure skaters and hockey players! or something like that, right?

If you do not know what I slide board is, let me explain. It is a large piece of material that you slide on from side to side....... yes... that is what you do. It is also such an extreme workout that just a couple minutes on this will make your legs feel like they are going to collapse beneath you. It is that good of a workout.

Don't believe me?

Just to name a few..

Don't want to read any more articles... let me recap for you...
1. The average cadence for a slide board burns the equivalent calories as a 7 minute mile(running).
2. increases strength and flexibility in knees, ankles, core, hip flexors to decrease chance of injury and increase stability and strength. Not to mention the FULL BODY WORKOUT! Yes, you herd me... full body. just add a couple lbs wrist me and do it!
3. exercise is good for you.
4. etc. etc etc.

I think you get the point.

So.... Lets begin!

Step 1: Step One! Get Materials!

You will Need!

1 sheet of 4ftx8ft Melomine board (home depot, about $40)
8- 1/4"-20 x 3" round head machine screws
16- 1/4" fender washers.
8 - 1/4" nuts.
4ft of a piece of 1x2 board. (or two 2 ft pieces) (or use 2x4, or whatever)

screw gun
1/4" drill bit
pliers. (I used a 7/16" hand driver for the nuts)

Optional materials. (for padded slide board)
Blue camping foam ($5 walmart) (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Will explain later)
Spray glue (or some type of glue that works on foam, I like the 3M super 77 myself) (note you only need this if you get the blue foam)

Optional materials for hockey passer.

another 8- 1/4"-20 x 3" round head machine screws (total of 16)
18- 1/4" fender washers. (two more than before) (total of 34)
16 - 1/4" nuts (total of 24)
1 adjustable rubber tie down strap (or 2 smaller rubber straps that will have a hard stretch to 24 inches)

Step 2: Step 2. Put Together the Slide Board Sides.

So I am making my slide board with a blue foam side, so that I do not need to make some booties that cover my shoes to reduce my traction. I like to be shoe-less. If you want to skip the blue foam, you should. But you will need to either protect your feet from the wood somehow other than your socks, because a splinter while working out sucks, or sew together a material that will slip over your shoes.

This is simple.

1. You take your 4ft piece of 1x2 wood and cut it in half.
2. cut the foam so that it will cover the board on 3 sides, while board is laying flat.
3. spray the 2in sides and one of the 1in sides. (aka. top, side and bottom)
4. Spray the blue foam. (do in a well ventilated area, like outside, and ontop of something you dont mind destroying, like some cardboard)
5. Wait.
6. Check to see that both surfaces are tacky to the touch.(or whatever your glue says)
7. put together.
8. Wrap with something to keep it together until it bonds completely (I usually go with about 15-20 minutes with some old hockey skate laces.)
9. Do to the other side.

When good. Remove the wrap and trim the excess off the side that was not glued.

Step 3: Step 3: TIME TO DRILL!

Ok. So you are nearly done! CONGRATS!!!

Take those two beautiful slide sides that you made and lets make some marks.

on the side that is clear of foam, I made a mark at 1in, and 7.5in. Then flipped over and did the same again. Why did I not just continue all the way down without flipping? Because I like to live dangerously!

when making your holes,
1. drill offcenter towards the sides of the slide board, this will keep the fender washer from sticking out over the side, just in case.
2. Do not drill into the 4x8 sheet yet.
3. Line up the foot stopper on the 4x8 and drill one hole... JUST ONE! Then insert the bolt and washer, then tightening it snug, just snug, with the washer and nut.
4. Now you can drill your next hole. Followed by immediately putting in the bolt with washer, then washer and nut.
5. Do to both sides.

you can cut off the excess bolt sticking up, or you can put a wire nut or something on it that will keep you from impaling yourself should you fall.

Step 4: Step 4. PLAY!

You can slide as it is here.

But I like to occasionally spray my board down with some wood furniture polish to give it some SERIOUS slick.

When done with the board, I just lift it up to rest against the wall.

Check out the puck passer tutorial here

Step 5: Coming Soon. Adding the Puck Passer!

Step 6: