Slide Show Controller With Arduino, Infrared Remote and Windows API

Introduction: Slide Show Controller With Arduino, Infrared Remote and Windows API

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In this project we are going to use the infrared communication as a wireless keyboard of the computer.I tried to work only with four buttons(Next,Preview,ESC and play) that we'll need to make the show slide controller.But you can use any button of the keyboard provided that you change the Code in C.

Step 1:

The circuit is very easy.The real work is programming windows to apply the push virtually on buttons based in which button the Arduino sends over Serial port after being recognized

Step 2:

You can use any type of IR remote,but first you have to know the address of each button in your remote control(IR transmitter),,you can use the LookForAdd code to know them by televersing the code ,opening the serial monitor and identifing the addresses, after that add them to the Arduino Code you .

have to install the MinGW because you need some programs as Makefile and C compiler to interract with Windows API

Watch the tree parts of the project to understand

contact me in case of problems

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    Hey, looks good! Thanks for adding your video and a little more info. Can't wait to see what you make next! :)