Introduction: Slide and Lock Loop II

This is an easy to adjust loop.

It works well as a light to moderate load lanyard loop.

I have not tried it with heavy severe loads.

Step 1:

Bring working end (WE) over the standing end forming a loop.

Step 2:

Bring WE under the loop.

Step 3:

Bring WE over the loop.

Step 4:

And under again.

Step 5:

Bring WE over the loop.

Step 6:

Bring WE over, under, over.

Step 7:

Slightly tighten

Step 8:

Pulling on A or a adjusts the size of the loop. Pulling on B and b at the same time locks the loop in place.

Step 9:

If you pull on bight A and take cordage from a1 or a2 you adjust the size of the loop