Introduction: Sliding Picture Puzzle

This fun puzzle has 8 square tiles in a 3x3 grid with 1 free space,

Tiles next to the free space can move into the space to solve the puzzle.

Step 1: What You Need

Cardboard-(at least 1mm thick and all parts but the base must be the same thickness. 30 cm^2 is enough)

Paper, Pencil, Scissors, Glue, (you could use a stapler instead of glue).

Colouring pencils to draw picture or, print one or, you could just number the squares 1-8.

Step 2: Tiles

  • Cut out 16 squares each measuring 2 x 2cm.
  • To make each tile glue 2 squares together not completely overlapping, 4mm off to the right and 4mm down.
  • You should have 8 tiles.

Step 3: Sides

  • Cut 4 L shapes with a right angle and each side about 8cm long and thick enough so its not floppy.
  • Glue 2 together not completely overlapping but leaving the bottom one sticking out the same amount as the tiles.
  • Glue the other 2 together but with the top one sticking out.

Step 4: Base

  • Cut out a cardboard base about 12cm long and 12cm wide.
  • Get 1 of the side pieces and glue it to the base.
  • Arrange the 8 tiles in a 3x3 square with one gap.
  • Cut the other side piece so it fits in around the tiles then glue it to the base.
  • Check that the tiles move around easily and snip off rough edges.

Step 5: Picture

Instead of a picture you can make squares numbered 1-8 and stick them to the tiles.

  • Draw a square 6cm by 6cm.
  • Draw a picture or print a picture and cut it out.
  • On the back of the picture divide it into 9 squares, cut them out.
  • Stick 8 of the squares onto the tiles with the tiles all facing the same way.
  • Add the tiles back to the puzzle jumble them up and try to solve it.
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