Introduction: Sliding Plate

It's a skateboard. It's got two colors and a special pattern. It looks good.

Step 1: Manufacturing Edges

long13CM wide21CM


*first place the paraboloid on the working plane and make it repeat.

*second expand the scale of repetition and lift it up, then change it into hole and original figure combination. (easy to make curved tips)

Step 2: Manufacture Intermediate


wide21CM high1CM

*first place the cylinder on the working plane and repeat.

*second raise the repeating part and change it into the hole and the original figure.(a cylinder is easy to combine with a paraboloid)

Step 3: Combine and Trim

*first combine the

corner and the middle part so that they are 81CM in length

*second trim with two rounded corners(to make the combination of two smoother)

Step 4: Beautify

*first, cut the slide in half with the cube

*second, copy and put them together

*finally, turn color(make the board more beautiful)

Step 5: Manufacture Wheel

diameter5.5CM wide3CM

*First, cut the cylinder with two hemispheres

*second, combine it two rings and a cylinder

Step 6: Manufacturing Support



*first, cut a cube with a cylindrical hole and combine it with a small cylinder(make the bracket more stable)

*second, one hemisphere is cut with a small hemisphere and transformed into a hole and bracket combination(make the shaft smoother)

*third, combine the assembly with two round edges and corners, a small cylinder and an arch(make bracket connection more natural)

*finally, cut two holes for decoration(beautiful)

Step 7: Beauty

Combine all part and add the pattern

Step 8: Finally


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