Slim Slenderman Purse!!

Introduction: Slim Slenderman Purse!!

You'll need:
1 yard of fabric (red)                                                                        1/2 yard of black fabric (you'll have extra)
1/2 yard white fabric (also have extra)                                          2 zippers 12" long if possible
Chalk                                                                                                  Thread
Sewing Machine                                                                               Construction Paper
Pins                                                                                                     Sharpie
Seam Ripper                                                                                     Hand needle and other colored thread
Scissors                                                                                             Ruler

With the full yard of fabric mark 2 rectangles of 10.5" x 12.5" and one rectangle of 8" x 10.5" 
Cut two loops of 3" x 2" use whatever color you want

Step 1: Construct Slenderman!

The first thing you'll want to do is make a pattern for Slendy's body 
Draw on construction paper and cut out (or print out my pictures and cut out)
Once the pattern is cut out place it onto the white fabric, pin, and cut out.
Make the suit pattern, cut out. Pin onto black fabric and cut out.
Make the collary thing pattern, cut out then pin to black fabric and cut out.
Make the tie pattern, cut out. Place on red fabric, pin, and cut out.

To construct:
Put Slendy's body onto the 8" x 10.5" pocket fabric
Next, place suit fabric down on top of body, if it isn't exact cut the white body off near the shoulders (mine didn't fit so I cut it).
Place the collary part at the v-neck 
Pick up the suit and collary bit and place the tie underneath starting at the base of Slendy's neck (try to get it even)
Pin all of Slenderman's pieces down.
Sew (with a straight stitch) all the way around Slendy's body, tie, and collary pieces.

Step 2: ZIPPERS Preparation! Sharpie Time!!

Hold zipper against 10.5" edge mark about half an inch from the stopper end.
Then mark a line where the fabric ends just like in the picture.
Cut the zipper at the line for where the fabric ends.
Do this for both zippers

Change the presser foot on the sewing machine to the zipper foot (shown in the picture below also on which side it is attached)
Change the # of stitches per inch dial to zero. Change the zigzag width dial to 5 or more, I used 7 the largest amount.
Place zipper so the line is where the needle pierces the fabric.
Sew back and forth continuously until there is a large bump of thread, then backstitch a little bit.
Do this to the other zipper as well.

Step 3: Basting the Zipper and Attaching It!

Hand needle, thread, ruler, and seam ripper step!

Iron down the top part of the Slendy pocket 1/2", also iron down the tops of the 10.5" x 12.5" on the 10.5" wide side.
After ironing let fabric cool a little. Then thread a hand needle and knot both ends of the thread together.
Baste one of the zippers to the Slendy pocket, once done mark where the pocket ends/begins on one of the outer panels.
Use the mark to help place the other side of the zipper and baste it to the panel you marked.
Sew the zipper using the sewing machine. Rip out the basted stitches.
Baste the other zipper at the top of the 2 panels. 
Baste both sides and sew the zipper. Rip the basted stitches out.
Swap the zipper presser foot for the normal presser foot.

Step 4: Sewing Bag With Loops Together

Make 2 loops using 3" x 2" fabric, take one of the two pieces and fold both sides 1/4" and then fold in half, pin the sides together, and then sew a line of straight stitches. Do this with the other loop too. 

Unzip the top zipper and flip the bag so that the right sides are together. Fold the loops in half length wise.
Stick the loops inside the bag folded part inside . One on the left and one on the right about 1/2" below the top zipper area. 
Pin each loop with 2 pins.
Pin the rest of the bag.

Sew a 5/8" straight stitch all around the bag except for the zipper side.
Sew a zigzag in the seam allowance.
Trim around the zigzag but don't cut the stitches, make curves around the corners.
Flip the bag right side out.
Push corners out to make the bag more rectangled.

Step 5: Just Straps and Then We're Done!

Take a piece of fabric that is 3" x 43"
Fold both sides in 1/2", and fold in half putting the folds together.
Pin the fabric together.

Sew a straight line down the pinned edge.

Put one edge of the strap through each loop and fold each one up about 1 1/4" and pin.
Sew a rectangle to hold the strap together (like in my picture below).
Make sure the strap is flat.
Do this to the other end of the strap too. 


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