Slime for Beginners

Introduction: Slime for Beginners

hello everyone,

In this video i am going to make simple slime for beginners. Its awesome. Kids will definitely like the slime and it is easy to make in few minutes.

You can watch slime making video here

Step 1: Mix Glass of Water and Borax

take a glass of water and mix one spoon of borax. Stir it until borax fully dissolves in water

Step 2: Glue and Water

take a bowl and add glue into it. Add some water and mix thoroughly

Step 3: Add Borax Into Glue

add borax into the glue drop by drop and stir well. Don't add too much as it will spoil your slime. you can see the slime formation. mix the slime thoroughly.

Step 4: Kned It

after mixing take the slime and kned it well so that almost all air bubbles can be removed. Finally you will get super stretchy slime. Don't use so much force, stretch it slowly. Hope you enjoy the making. watch the video so you can understand it well

Step 5:

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