Introduction: Slimer Ghostbusters Costume

Because when your kid says he want to be Slimer for Halloween you make it happen.
I worked on this costume for a week in total chaos. House was a disaster and kids ate peanut butter sandwiches for supper. But I did it.

Step 1: Slimer Build Up

I really just wung this together and made this costume as I went.
Base of it is a floor garage matt and pipe insulation foam. Added the hat for a place for head to sit.
Cue in the duct tape. Lots of duct tape.

Step 2: Build Up Face

I used anything I could find to shape out the head. The eyes are empty duct tape rolls. Teeth is sponges from dollar store cut to shape. Slimers gums is made out of moldable foam. Sponge is hot glue gunned on. I grabbed a hat my son out grew to round out the top of Slimers head. The eyes are from a pair of dollar store glasses that have eyeballs on springs. I just cut them off. (I don't glue the eyes on until I paint)

Step 3: Body Fattening

I cut open some old decorative pillows I was not using any more and used the stuffing. I put stuffing in ziplock bags and duct taped where he needed more meat.

Step 4: Duct Tape

Then I duct taped the whole thing and build up spots where I needed. Tongue is cardboard cut out the duct taped.
I had my son try on during various stages to make sure he could get in and out of it still.

Step 5: Spray Paint

I sprayed it with a plastic coat spray paint.

Looking back I would skip this step the can of spray on plastic was $22 and it caused more problems than it fixed.

Step 6: Make Him Slimey

I mixed paint, modge podge, and flour together to make a thick goop that could drip down and harden to get a Slimey affect. Let dry over night.

Step 7: Smooth Out Add Effects

I ended up adding a layer dry wall dap to his face as it wasn't as smooth as I would have liked. Also adding the flour glue and paint caused my duct tape to warp so I had to glue it with the hot glue gun. (Learning as I go here)
Then I did some hot glue drips which turned out awesome.

Step 8: Paint

One nice thing about Slimer is he isn't perfect. So I just paint and embraced all his flaws. He is turning into a beautiful fat mess.

I will be back to update more when he is finished.

Step 9: Detail

Just added finishing touches and glued some spots inside for reinforcement.
Will post pictures of him wearing it tomorrow to school!!

Step 10: Seal

Realized when it was snowing/raining on our dress up day for school I should probably have sealed the costume. I should know better Halloween in Canada is always a gamble. I am going to put a layer of modge podge on it as a sealer. The kids at school loved his costume.
He is wearing a green hockey jersey we had underneath and I spray painted some kitchen rubber glovers for Slimers hands.

Step 11: Halloween Night

Slimer was a huge hit. Seamus said he got extra handfuls of candy cause his costume was awesome. He did fall once and need help to get back up. Of course I took a photo of him struggling first.
For fun we dumped some glow sticks on Slimer to make him glow at the end of the night which my son though was hilarious. (Hopefully he isn't radioactive now)

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