Sling/ Artillery Rock, for Larp

Introduction: Sling/ Artillery Rock, for Larp

So you like to throw rocks eh?
If you need a confertable rock to safely throw or toss at your next larp. This guide is for you!

You need:
Foam block. I used scraps of a matrass.
Felt, or other "rock" like fabric.
Needle and tread and/or felting needle.
Plastic bags
Rice or other ballast.
A scale.
Sissors and/or a knife.

Step 1: Lets Make a Mess!

The first thing to do is to cut out dice shaped blocks from the foam. I made mine between 8 to 9 cm (or about three and a half inches?)each side.

Now cut the foam blocks into rounded shapes and weight them.
(Oh, the cut off pieces off foam are clingy and all over the place now.)
You don't want to make a too heavy projectile. If a person is hit in the head a heavy larp projectile the head or neck might get hurt. I used my larp arrows as a guide and they were 72grams.

Step 2: Rocking It.

I filted the filt with a filt needle.
If you choose to do the same, make shure you dont stab yourself with the needles, they are sharp.

I kept the end of the stone open. So I could remove the foam.

Now make a hole in the foam for the rice pack.

Step 3: Rice Packs

Now I measure up and weigh the rice to about 50grams. And put it in litle plastic bags.

Its a snugg fit to get the rice pacs into the foam. It took some manovering.

Step 4: Lets Finish It.

All thats left to do is to put the foam back into the felt and sew the opening shut.

It ended up weighing 72grams.

So there you go! Safe rocks for throwing.
I atached some stringy slingy thing to test the throw.

I also experimented with adding yarn as a kind of moss, and red felt pices.

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