Introduction: Slingshot Ammo Fixture

Handy spot for quick reloading.


1. Daisy slingshot
2. ( 2-8) 1/8”x1/4” neodymium magnets.
3. (1-5) 3/8” steel shot

Step 1: Place Magnets on Frame.

At least 2 magnets are required to hold 1 shot ball and withstand the forces of a shot. It’ll move some and wiggle a little. This is ok and gives the ball an idea of its coming adventure.
The magnets must be placed with on the frame with one facing north and the other facing south.
For a two ball arrangement, 3 magnets, N, S, N ....
I prefer 8 magnets. The frame could hold many more. I feel that more than 8 devalues the target and ammo; and, looks tacky. Which, results in sloppy aiming, unmanageable weight distribution, and leads to destructive behavior.

Step 2: Place Shot Balls on Magnets

This step doesn’t require special tools or pinpoint accuracy. The magnets do all the casual fluxing and the balls act like they’re their planet.