Slingshot With Ammo Belt

Introduction: Slingshot With Ammo Belt

About: I'm 14 years old, and I enjoy taking apart technology, and mixing weird things together

I made a sling shot and ammo belt

Step 1: Materials

The Materials You will need is:
Duct tape
Rubber Band
As many Paper Clips as you want!

Step 2: The SlingShot

To make the slingshot, 
First hold the rubber band in between your middle finger and thumb as seen in the second picture
Next insert the paper clip into the slingshot, pull back, aim, and FIRE! as seen in the first picture 

Step 3: The Belt

The Belt was the tricky part in the project...
First measure a piece of duct tape around your waist.
Take another piece of duct tape equal length, and fold on the first piece, thus no sticky part remains.
Next take 2  smaller pieces of duct tape at equal length (This will be the pouch) and attach the 2 pieces, but leave some sticky part on the long side.
Attach the sticky side to the belt, so it is hanging down.
Attach some more duct tape to the side and stick.
Tweak if you need to in case it is not "pouch like"

Step 4: Ammo

I used paperclips as ammo, but what ever fits will work!
you can use note cards, tacks, etc...
I keep my rubber band on my wrist, instead of having another pouch for rubber band...

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