Introduction: Slip Knot to Bowline Knot

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A bowline is a wonderful knot. It doesn't slip in any direction. Isn't too complicated. And it usually is easy to untie, pulling down on the loop. So here is an easy way that doesn't use a rabbit.

Step 1: So You Need to Tie a Bowline Knot.

I learned the Bowline knot back in Scouting. You know the rabbit, the hole and running around the pole.

Then one day I was playing with some rope and realize one move would change a bowline into a slip knot!

So grab a bit of rope and try this!

Step 2: Make a Loop for Your Slip Knot.

So to the left is rope stock, and the right end is where we will tie the bowline.

So make a loop in the stock leaving rope for your loop.

Step 3: Use the Stock Make the Slip Knot.

So pull the stock into a blight and push it through the loop and you have a slip knot. ( pull on the ends and it disappears! )

Step 4: Slip Your Loop End Through the Slip Knot.

Now find the end of your rope where you want the loop. Slip this end through the slip knot's loop and form two loops locked together.

Step 5: Pull the Slip Knot Out.

When you pull the slip knot out it will pull the other loop into bowline shape. Check the size of your loop and tighten things up.

Step 6: Finished Knot!

There you are, a bowline you might be able to do with your eyes closed. At least in a dark spot. You could add a half hitch to the end for safety.

Good luck! Carl.