Introduction: Slip on Amazon Fire Remote TV Remote

Oh Amazon, your Fire TV is so amazing, why did you not give us volume controls on your remote?

Well, for less than $5 on Amazon, you can buy this cute little remote, power, mute, volume and channel all in a little package. Enter in the 3d printer and BAM! Slip on remote for your tv.

Here is a link to the remote: then just print the slip on, it's your choice to snap the remote in place on top, personally, I used a little double sided tape.

Step 1: Print the Remote Slip On

The remote slip on prints upside down - I highly suggest some glue stick on your print bed for this print, as it's small surface area can give you difficulties. I don't print with a raft. This was designed to print without support. You will get a better print if you have active cooling turned on after the first few layers.

I have printed this in black PLA which makes the remote look almost like it belongs together, however, I also printed one in transparent orange.

Step 2: Attach the Remote and Program It

Remove the key chain with a pair of pliers, just lift the part that goes through the remote, it's not very difficult.

Personally, I used some double sided tape, but I always clean the surfaces with a little alcohol to make the tape work better.

To program the remote, turn on the tv to something with sound, then hold down the mute button on the remote, the remote starts cycling though settings, once the tv goes silent, let go of the mute button. Press the mute button again to see if sound comes back, then test the volume and power.

It's highly likely you won't catch the remote in time when cycling though the tv settings on the remote, just keep trying till you get it. It has taken me 3 times both times I programmed a remote.

Step 3: Put New Batteries in the Amazon Remote and Slip It On

Before you slip this on, put new batteries in your Amazon Remote, something good like an Energizer or Duracell, nothing cheap. See, the slip on is hard to get on and off, so before you slip it on, new batteries will save you a bit of sanity.

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