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Introduction: Slit Back Shirt

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Have you got a shirt thats too tight or just boring ? I've got a way to fix that and it's pretty simple too :)

what you need :
- a shirt
- scissors
- chalk (optional)

Step 1: Mark Your Cuts (Optional)

(Optional) To make sure that your cuts arent uneven or all over the place, turn the shirt inside out and make 2 lines going down from the neck to the bottom of the shirt.
Use chalk because this washes out.

Cut out any tags.

Step 2: Line Up the Side Seams

Line up the seams. Check to see if the lines you drew are also lined up.

Step 3: Start Cutting

Start cutting a fringe up to your line. Make sure your pieces are about 1cm think - otherwise they'll rip and when you stretch the shirt, they'll get thinner anyway.

Step 4: Be Cool and Wear Your New Shirt !

All done ! Turn the shirt right-side-out (questionable expression haha) and try on your new shirt.
If you pull the shirt, the bands will get thinner and longer.
The shirt should still look the same from the front.

You could also do like 2 column of strips.
Show me a picture of how yours turned out ! 

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