Introduction: Slotted Cardboard Oyster Costume

A requirement of my technology class we had to create a marine-themed costume only using cardboard. No glue, no tape or adhesive of any kind. Therefore we had to research different ways that we could put these costumes together. 

Design Brief: Create an oyster costume using cardboard and slotted construction.

Specifications:-Costume must resemble an oyster
                          -Costume must stay together
                          -Costume must be made of cardboard

                         1. Cardboard
                     -Material strength
                     -Construction methods
                          1. Slotted Construction

Step 1: Materials and Tool List

         S1. CARDBOARD- 3 4'x4' pieces

Tool and Equipment List:
         T1. CUTTING MAT-To prevent damage to floor/surface
         T2. UTILITY KNIFE-To cut out pieces of cardboard
         T3. RULER-To make straight lines and measure out correct lengths of pieces
         T4. PENCIL-To draw out lines that you will cut along

Step 2: Part List

          P1. Front Panel, Quantity: 1
          P2. Back Panel, Quantity: 1
          P3. Top Connector, Quantity: 1
          P4. Side Connector, Quantity: 2

Step 3: Creating Part 1

P1: Front Piece
1. Draw out front panel on cardboard (S1) with pencil (T4) and ruler (T3) in the shape of an oyster shell.
2. Draw out face hole in area relative to your body with pencil (T4)
3. Cut out front body piece and face hole with utility knife (T2)

Step 4: Creating Part 2

P2: Back Piece
1. Draw out back panel with pencil (T4) and ruler (T3), measurements are identical to front panel.
2. Cut out back piece with utility knife (T2)

Step 5: Creating Part 3

P3: Top Connector
1. Using slightly thicker (2-ply) cardboard (S1), draw out 1' long and 6'' wide top connector piece with pencil (T4) and ruler (T3)
2. Cut out top connector with utility knife (T2)

Step 6: Creating Part 4

P4: Side connectors
1. Draw out two side connectors, of the same length as the top connector, on cardboard (S1) using pencil (T4) and ruler (T3)
2. Cut out side connectors with utility knife (T2)

Step 7: Steps for Assembly

1. Stand front piece (P1) and back piece (P2) upright.
2. Attach side connectors (P4) in predetermined slots.
3. Insert top connector (P3) in predetermined slot to complete assembly.

Step 8: Finished!

The costume should now be finished and should look like the picture below.