Introduction: Slotted Construction Cardboard Turtle Costume

Prices on just about everything have been rising constantly. In this economy no one wants to spend money on something that will be used only once, such as a halloween costume. This is a "green" way of re-using carboard and wont cost any money.

By using slotted construction you can make a turtle costume completely out of recycled cardboard. Slotted construction is a very useful technique that can be used for various activities. When making a costume you can use this technique using cardboard to make different pieces fit together.  Slotted construction is eco-friendly if you use recycled cardboard and won't cost any money.

This is a great project to do with the kids and serves as a great halloween costume.

I did this as a school project and each student made there own costume. We had specific guidlines and limitations. We had to make costumes out of cardboard and no adhesives. 
  I designed and created a turtle costume using only cardboard by using the technique slotted construction.
• fit middle school aged child
• slotted construction
• flat-pack design
• resemble a marine organism or marine related structure

• tri-wall, double ply or single-ply cardboard
• no adhesives- only cardboard
• able to be worn as stage costume or Halloween costume

Step 1: Prepare

supply list:
item:       material:                 QTY:            size:                                 part:
S1           CARDBOARD         1                20in by 20in                   front shell
S2           CARDBOARD         1                28in by 24in                   back shell 
S3           CARDBOARD          2                20in by 2in                     straps

tools and equipment:
item:       tool:                          use:
T1           cutting mat             To cut cardbooard on so nothing is damaged
T2           utility knife               To make cuts in cardboard to from costume
T3           ruler                         To measure cardboard
T4           pencil                      Make marks on cardboard of where to cut

part list
item:     QTY:      part name:
P1           1          Front shell
P2           1          Back shell
P3           2          Straps

Step 2: Prepare Parts: Front Shell

prepare the front shell:
1. Use a ruler(T3) and pencil(T4) to measure and draw were the edges and cuts should be made on the cardboard(S1)
2. From the top measure 20 inches down and 20 inches across
3. From the middle line on the bottom measure 6 inches outwards on both sides of the line so the bottom is 12 inches across
4. From the bottom measure up 8 inches and out 5 inches from the center line on both sides and make a mark
5. On the top measure 6 inches out on both sides from the center line and down 2 inches
6. From there make a half circle inwards about 2 inches in depth for a place for the arm
7. Connect all of the dots and cut out the piece of carboard
8. Measure 2 inches from the top and 2 inches from the middles and make a dot on both sides
9. From there make a 2 inch slit for a spot for the strap

Step 3: Prepare Parts: Back Shell

1. Use a ruler(T3) and pencil(T4) to measure and draw were the edges and cuts should be made on the cardboard(S2)
2. Measure 30 inches down and 24 inches across
3. Measure 4 inches down from the top and 8 inches out and make a mark on both sides
4. Measure 14 inches down from the top and 12 inches out and mark on both sides
5. Measure 2 inches from the bottom and 8 inches out and mark on both sides
6. Connect the the dots using a pencil(T4) and ruler(T3)
7. Use a utility knife(T2) and cutting mat(T1) to cut out the shell
8. measure down 2 inches from the top and out 2 inches on both sides. From this point make a line 2 inches long and make a cut on the line. This will make the slit for the straps
9. Refer to the orthographic view of where to make the slits and folds for rounded effect

Step 4: Prepare Parts: Straps

1. Use a ruler(T3) to measure the size of both straps(P3) (20inches by 2inches)
2. Use a utility knife(T2) and cutting mat(T1) to cut out the straps(P3)
3. Use a ruler(T3) to crease the carboard(S3) 2 inches in on each end. Use the ruler to measure 2 inches in from each end and draw a line. Then place the ruler on that lines and press down so it make a crease so it can bend
4. Bend the strap so it forms to a persons shoulder better. To do this slowly work around the piece bending it until it is like a U.

Step 5: Put the Parts Together

1. On the back shell fold the peice underneath that is cut out on three sides. Then bend the cardboard so you can slip the flap you just folded into the first slit. Once it is through the first slit slip it into the next slit and it will stay together
2. Slip the straps into the slits on the front shell(P1) and the back shell(P2) to hold the costume together

Step 6: Finished

congradulations you have finished

- If you wish to paint it you should paint both sides of the front shell to prevent warping. For the back shell assemble it so it is how you would wear it and paint it like that. This should prevent warping.
-If you wish you can use tape to have a sturdier hold but it will not be able to become flattened.

Hope you where succesful and have a good time wearing your costume