Introduction: Slovenian Model Kozolec


This instructable was inspired by Christina, and was prompted by the imminent departure of our friend Adam who will be returning to the UK after staying a year in the beautiful country of Slovenia.

If you ever visit Slovenia; one of the things besides friendly people and beautiful countryside you will notice are Kozolec. These are wooden structures either as a single row, or double with combined roof for farm storage and drying of food stocks otherwise known as a hay rack.

During his stay; he has had to endure my construction, enhancement and upgrades and test prints from my 3D printer; how better can I remind of his stay than with a Slovenian Kozolec printed by one of my 3D printers (yes, he has had to endure the building of two now).

Step 1: 3D Print Your Mini Kozolec Kit

First things first.

You will need to 3D print your Kozolec kit. Mine has a bit of an issue with accuracy. Holes are very slightly smaller than intended; prints are very slightly larger than intended; maybe a calibration issue and a little bit too much material being extruded; but that printer is still being built, modified and upgraded so still a work in progress.

You can download the stl file attached which has all the parts needed, or...

This thing was made with Tinkercad. Edit it online

It's also availabe on Thingiverse

Once the model file is downloaded and printed you should have something like shown in the photo. Christina is very helpful and works hard on my prints to clean them up and remove the brims and skirts which prevent the print from curling up when being printed.

Step 2: Put All the Pieces Together.

Sorry for the very sparse instructions (actually none, just put it together like the photo), but a picture speaks a thousand words; and with only six pieces to assemble; just think of how much reading I have saved you!

Hope you enjoy this short instructable.