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Introduction: Slowcooker BBQ Beef Ribs

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This is a great one pot Winter comfort  dish. Prepared ahead and cooked slowly in a crock pot. Ready for you and your family when you come home from a long day of work. Add some rice, quinoa or a salad and you have a stick to your ribs any night or slow weekend meal.
If you don't have a crockpot this can go into the oven as well.

Step 1: Veggies & Herbs

Prepare an array of vegetables and herbs. You can use these or any that you have available.

2 celery stalks, cut
1 carrot, peeled, cut
2 onions, quartered
2 handfuls of mushrooms
1/2 cup parsley
5-6 sprigs of thyme
salt & pepper to taste

Step 2: Searing

Brown 4 lbs of beef short ribs in a skillet with 2tbsp EVOO.
Take your time to develop caramelization on both sides of the ribs, as this will add lots of flavor.
Place into a crockpot.
Continue until all meat is browned.

Step 3: Crockpot, Seasoning, Vegetables

Place all ribs into crockpot.
Add vegetables & herbs on top.
Season with salt & pepper
Add hot sauce to your liking.

Step 4:

pour in 1 cup your fave BBQ Sauce+
1/2 cup water

Step 5: Deglazing

Pour 1 cup red wine into the hot skillet.
Scrape the bottom of the pan, lifting any savory bits off the bottom.
Pour over the ribs.

Step 6: Finishing

Cover and set your timer for when you want it ready~ It's that simple
Turn if you can every hr. to distribute the ingredients.

Note: this can be made the night before then placed in the crockpot liner and turned on.

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    7 years ago

    looking good


    7 years ago

    yu yum yummyy


    I love slow cooked meat almost as much as my wife! :-)

    Thanks for this recipe.

    I'll most most definitely give it a try!