Smack Ball

Introduction: Smack Ball

Smack ball is a two or four player game on the court.

Rules and Intructions:

The Objective of the game is to earn 1000 points.

There is one player to each box.

For team smack ball, you have 2 outs per team until the other team gets the ball.

The player who is decided gets to surve first.

If you get 5 strikes you are out.

The surver gets the ball, then attempts to hit the ball once(at least) on their own side, and once on the other side.

simple version
You get 10 points per every time it the ball bounces on your court(if legal play).

complex version
Each different marked color gives you a different amount of points

Red: 20
Green: 30
Yellow: 40
Brown: 50
The goal box: 100 points
The Middle blue box: 500 points

You may hit anywhere on the court.

The play is not legal if:

The ball hits the net

The player steps outside of the player box

The ball hits inside of one of the player boxes

Step 1: Picture Legend

In Feet (Sizes may be changed I would suggest proportional to mine)

1) 11
2) 9
3) 1 (thats a square)
4) 6
5) 4
6) 9
7) 3
8) 3
9) 22
10) 5
11) 10
12) 4

**Sorry I forgot to include the player box side length (its 27)

Step 2: Needed Materials

Goal of some sort 3x5x3-10 ft.. (optional type and size)

2 nets (optional) 11 ft (optional size depending on court)

a ton of masking tape or chalk (for lines on and surrounding court)(needed! At least for overall skeleton)

tons of green, red, brown, yellow, and blue paint, chalk etc. (for filling in squares)(optional)

Overall, with the net it cost me $50
The net was $30

Step 3: Building Step #1

Look at the picture and legend for all building steps

Start with the Outer outline.

Step 4: Building Step #2

Make the boxes (this is the order I did it)

Make the half way marks.
Then make the brown boxes.
Then make the yellow boxes.
Then make the green boxes.
Then make the middle blue box.

Step 5: Building Step #3

Now some 3D objects:

Make holes for the net, they started directly on the court and went up to 1 ft apart (for blue box).

Then add the goals, place so they are centered to the player boxes, 2 ft away from the player boxes.

Step 6: Building Step #4

Now I would fill in the boxes (Of course you can choose whatever color you want, but this is the colors i chose for mine.

Step 7: Last Step

Have fun! You could have 100's of people for just 1 court. But you could only have 4 active players. For mine you can add a waiting box (in order to have a place where the waiting players don't get in the way). You would rotate players every time someone gets an out.

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