Introduction: Mini USB Laser Light Saber

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This is how to make a small usb light saber. Since the new Star Wars came out I decided to make this.

Step 1: Get What You Need

What you need is-

1 straw
A USB with wire ( I used an iPhone charger)
One laser diode
A button switch

Step 2: Cut the USB Wire

Their are two wires that you don't need because they don't transport electricity. I taped them to the side.

Step 3: Get the Laser Diode

This is a laser diode from a laser pointer and I put two wires on the positive and negative leads. I then taped it together.

Step 4: Attach the Button

I attached one wire of the switch to one wire on the laser.

Step 5: Now With the Two Wires You Are Left With Attach Them to a Long Wire

Attach the two wires to the two wires on the longer wire. U don't need to longer wire and u could just attach them straight to the usb.

Step 6: Then You Just Attach the Other Side of the Wire to the Two Wires on the Usb Like Shown in the Picture

Remember You don't need the extra wire if u don't have it.

Step 7: Tape the Two Wires So They Don't Touch and Cause a Short.

Step 8: Tape the Wires on the Other Side Like You Did With the Wires Near the USB Part.

Step 9: Now Tape All the Wires Onto the Diode So U Don't Have Wires Sticking Out Everywhere

Leave the switch out so u can tape that on the front.

Step 10: Now Tape the Switch on the Front

Step 11: Tape the Straw on the Front of the Laser Diode

Step 12: I Wrapped Electrical Tape Around It to Give It a Better Look

Step 13: The Final Product Should Look Like This.

Remember you don't need the extra wire I put in. It would be a bit smaller without it.

Step 14: Its Done

When u hold it and press the button down the light saber should turn on. It's red so I guess I'm on the dark side. Have fun :)
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