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small AC generator 230 V using a single neodymium sphere, a coil without core from a 230 V syncronous motor ( A4 laminators or microwaves turntable motor), a 3 V DC motor (inside electric car toys), and a battery.

Tested led bulbs 230 V 3 W - 9 W

Find us ON INSTAGRAM and see a simple electric vehicle - 3 wheels :

Step 1: Materials and Operations

1. 3V Dc motor – inside toys which using two batteries 1.5 V AA

2. coil without core inside syncronous motor 230 V – A4 laminators, microwave turntable motor - remove the core inside the motor

3. neodymium magnet sphere 13 mm

4. neodymium screw pot metal case 13 mm – remove neodymium magnet from the metal case – simple generator component

5. plastic connector used to fix screw pot metal case – dc motor ax inside car toys – heat the crew pot metal case to fix the plastic connector – simple generator component plastic connector used to fix the screw por metal case to dc motor ax

6. plastic and metal components from mechanical construction kit – used to build the holder for dc motor and coil – simple generator holder construction kit

7. 3.7 V battery 600 mAh - minidrone or a related battery 3,7 V rechargeable battery

8. 230 V - two led bulbs 7 W + E 27 two sockets 230V or 9 W led bulb 230 V

9. power switch + wires

Step 2: Operations

1. Remove the magnet from the neodymium screw pot metal case

2. Remove the coil from the syncronous motor

3. Attached the screw pot metal case to the dc motor ax through the plastic connector

4. Create the simple generator holder

5. Conect the wires to the dc motor and battery through the power switch.

6. Conect the bulbs using wires to the coil output ( in Ac current it doesn't matter the conection order, only in dc is very important)

7. Assemble all the components (small generator diagram)

Step 3: Important

the position neodymium magnet sphere 12.7 mm – screw pot metal case (magnetic catch ) between magnetic poles (N and S)!

Do not use magnetic materials (screws , etc ) for the simple generator holder near the neodymium sphere – it will act like a magnetic brake for the sphere !

you can use 3,7 V cell battery from an external battery.

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