Introduction: Small Coffe Table

This is my coffee table I made in wood shop from scrap cause I'm cheap or poor, or both. Pretty easy but I only have pictures of it almost and completely finished so ill do my best to explain the processes. Alot like an ikea I guess.

Step 1: Gather Wood

I found a bunch of crap pine and some red oak.

Step 2: Wood Prep

First cut the pine and oak into 1-3 by 35inch pieces then plane all the wood on two sides for gluing, then glue enough pieces to make about 20 inches width I staggered the different color pine (You'll need two of these). Then you'll need to glue up some more pine enough to make 2 7/20inch pieces. The oak I put in later after the pine was all glued together.

Step 3: Cuts and Sizes

As the name says this is a small coffee table so here are the dimensions the top and bottom are 31/17 BOTH HAVE 45s The two sides are 7/17 (make sure the grain is going to the seven inch side).BOTH HAVE 45s For the glass I cut in the middle a rectangle that was a 6.5/23.5 accounting for a .25inch lip to hold the glass.( the glass I got at menards and didn't know it was rounded off so I had to add two rounded triangle to the sides) I like the looks of the rounded edges though. "Gives it character". (By "BOTH HAVE 45s I mean they are cut on a 45degree angle)

Step 4: Fastening

To fasten the four sides together I cut four 31inch triangle shafts. Next I glued the to sides (opposite of hypotenuse) put them to the corners and screwed them in. (Make sure to pre-drill and counter sink GLUE THE 45deg EDGES). Be sure that all is square or it won't come together right(make a jig).

Step 5: Filling in Those Gnots

To fill in the gnots simply by this two part epoxy and follow the instructions. Except dont just use the straw squirt it into a small cup and mix well (CAUTION mixes the two chems will cause a crap load of heat don't use cups with wax, I used a plastic cup so I rushed because it started melting) Fill in the gnot wait a few minutes until it is completely hardened then sand it flush this stuff gets hard and hot VERY HOT.

Step 6: Making the Under Skirt

I want to put wheels on mine you don't have to so I'm putting an underskirt on to his them. I built it completely from oak it's kinda one of those things you just build to your likening so I'm just gonna tell you I built it so it sits 3inches in on each side round of sides with router and screw on.

Step 7: Trim/siding

I'm putting some oak on the sides to hide the fasteners and the middle piece's end grain Simply get some thine oak rout the sides miter the edges and attach. the triangles go on the edges with the pointy side facing its partner on the other side. the little pieces on the sides are simply little pieces no special cuts. Attach with a nail gun. Don't get them long *** nails only get like 3/4-1inch nails glue if you want.(GLUE IS A GOOD OPTION)

Step 8: Sealing the Wooooodddd

I can't explain it like the videos on YouTube can go watch some. They do it welllll!!!!!!! But all I'm doing is putting on a clear coat

Step 9: Contest

Sooooooo I like tablets and cameras you should totally vote on this!!!

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