Introduction: Small Digital Photo Box for Desk

Desk jobs are boring and lonely sometimes. You miss your family, the outdoors, or just need a positive boost?! Liven up your desk at work with an interactive Photo Frame!

This tutorial will walk you through the steps needed to create a digital photo frame including building the frame, installing an LCD screen on your Raspberry Pi computer, and finally installing scripts on your Pi to enjoy your favorite pictures.


This tutorial assumes you have a general knowledge of operating
a screwdriver and drill. For the drill, safety tips visit

For an overview knowledge of the Raspberry Pi visit -

These instructions include installing third-party scripts onto your Raspberry Pi. Please backup all data before attempting any of the below steps. Not responsible for data loss or hardware corruption.

Step 1: ​Items You Will Need to Hunt Down.

1. Raspberry Pi - I used a model 3 but any will work.

2. Screen - Any HDMI screen will work. I choose a 5" touch screen from Steren.

3. Photo frame and box

4. Internet connection - Download software for Raspberry Pi

5. Screw driver and Drill (or hole maker)

Step 2: Assemble Your Photo Frame Box

1. Using small hinges that came with the photo frame attached the photo frame to the photo box.

2. Drill a hole to allow for ventilation and for the power cable.

3. Mount the screen in the opening of the frame with the provided mounting hardware.

Step 3: Installing the Screen on Your Raspberry Pi

There are many in-depth tutorials on YouTube about this. The best one, in my opinion, is listed here by Elecrow -

1. Align the pins on the Raspberry Pi with the 5" screen

2. Press together the two until the pins are fully pressed in.

3. Install the HDMI adapter linking the two together.

Step 4: Slideshow Software & Photos

Not any old software is going to work to display your precious photos. The best script I found was from RPi_Mike. He wrote a great script based on FEH image viewer.

After installing the script and rebooting the Raspberry Pi the slide show software was super easy to use. Check out the great tutorial Mike made with his script here

Place the photos you would like to display in the /home/pi/pictures folder on the Raspberry Pi. The photo slide show will play directly from the files placed in this folder.

Step 5: Plug in Your Raspberry

Supply electricity and let's see what happens!

Step 6: Enjoy Your New Getaway at Work

The final result should look something like the video. This was a very fun project with an outcome just as fun to watch every day. I hope you attempt to build a digital photo frame yourself or partner up with someone to enjoy the experience. Thank you for taking the time to watch my Instructable.

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