Introduction: Small Dog Coat

This is my first instructable and first non 'fix it' sewing job. So I expect you to be able to at least achieve sewing as erm 'straight' as mine.

Here's hoping Ollie appreciates the effort

Step 1: What You'll Need

Ribbon or Bias edging
Iron (optional but recommended)
Sewing Machine or hand sewing bits
2 Pair Velcro Dots / Velcro Strip
Dog or Large Cat

Step 2: Pattern

Pin the pattern to the folded fabric of choice and Cut round the pattern as below, making sure the straight edge of the pattern is on the fold of the fabric.

Length across fold 29.6cm
Width from centre to start of belly flap 18cm
Belly flap 11cm
Collar flap 11cm

The measurement around your 'models' chest should be less than 1/4 the length of the collar flap to allow for overlap underneath this is crucial to avoid it being too tight around the throat

The measurement around your 'models' throat should be less than 1/2 the width plus belly flap to allow for overlap underneath

Step 3: Prepare the Edging

I've not used Bias, but for the ribbon, fold in half lengthwise and iron to create a crease along its length. I used about 2M

Step 4: Pin the Ribbon

Find the middle of your length of ribbon and pin this to the middle of the 'head' edge of the fabric. Pin the rest of the ribbon to the edging, overlapping at the back and/or trimming off.

Step 5: Sewing

See the ribbon in place, removing pins as you go. You will need to create small folds in the edging at the tight corners.

Step 6: Optional Extra

In cooler climates you could insert thin foam/padding between the two layers

Step 7: Liner - Learn From My Mistake

As we're using a felt material after attaching the ribbon the fabric seemed too thin, so another piece of material was cut.

What I did - pre under-cut the material and trimmed a bit more when placed in outer fabric

What I should have done - Cut fabric the same size and trimmed AFTER sewing even attaching before the edging.

Step 8: Velcro

Obtain the Dog/Cat and lay over the back.

Figure out the positioning for the Velcro

The 'ears' fasten under the neck
The 'arms' fasten under the belly

The time taken to complete this step relies greatly on the obedience of the eventual wearer.

Step 9: Pocket

If this is to be an outdoor shhh "walkies" coat, then the two extra parts of the pattern are the pocket and pocket flap. These need fitting on one (or both) sides...

For the pocket see only three sides, leaving the top open (obvious I know)

For the flap, space high enough for it to open, and be able to get you fingers into the pocket, or just low enough for a Velcro dot to be sewn on. Sew the Velcro dots befor attaching to the coat