Introduction: Small Fantasy Sword

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Step 1: Materials Needed

- scissors - craft foam - hard cardboard roll - duct tape - glue - glitter glue - construction paper - pencil - long skinny piece of wood

Step 2: Glue the Paper

Glue the paper to the cardboard tube. We will add duct tape next. Remember to only put glue one the edges of the paper.

Step 3: Tape the Tube

Wrap the duct tape around the ends of the tube to secure the paper. Cover one bottom of the tube with duct tape as to not reveal the hollow inside. If your tube is flimsy you can fill it tightly with news paper.

Step 4: Cut the Foam

Draw a circle on the foam using the inside of your roll duct tape. Cut out the circle. Place the circle on top of the tube. Trace the opening and cut it out. Slide the foam onion ring onto the tube. Glue the foam on by any means you see fit.

Step 5: Blade Basics

Take the wooden stick and place it on the foam. Draw the base of the sword and cut two pieces. Glue them together with the stick in the middle. Secure the two sides with scotch tape.

Step 6: Actual Blade

First take three colours of paper and tape or glue them together. Depending on what size blade you want you may need several sets. I cut the paper in half. You will need to cut out a blade shape now. Cut out the shape. Do that for both sides of the blade. Tape the edges of the blade with tape. Cover the inside of the paper blade with glue. Slip the foam blade inside the paper one and line the edges with duct tape. You can cover it in the duct tape if you wish.

Step 7: Attaching the Blade to the Handle

Cover the top of the tube with duct tape like we did in step 3. Poke a hole in the center with your pencil. Insert the wooden stick that sticks out of the blade into the hole you made withe the pencil. Secure it with tape an duct tape.

Step 8: Decorations!!

Add whatever you want!!

Step 9: Done!!

Now you have a cool little prop!! Please feel free to ask questions in the comments. Have fun making little swords! Also you can go the gently caress away if your mean about this, although I don't mind tips!