Introduction: Small Indoor Handmade Fireworks

To teach kids about electronic circuit this setting
can be made with little equipment and it looks nice.
A nice preperation for new years eve.


You need:
- coloured cardboard
- black cardboard
- Aluminum foil
- crocodile clips
- black floral foam
- flower wire
- 3V lithium button cells
- clothespins
- LEDs of different colours
- black sticks (or wooden sticks that are painted black)

Step 1: Draw an Firework Outline on Black Cardboard

Step 2: Cut the Fireworks Form

Step 3: Ad Coloured Parts of Rays

Step 4: Ad Aluminium Foil

Step 5: Cut Wholes for LEDs

Step 6: Connect LED With Wire and Wrap the Wire Around the Sticks

Step 7: Insert LEDs, Stick the Fireworks on the Black Sticks and Put Them in the Foam. Then Connect Each LED With Crocodile Clips on One Side With the Clip and the Other Side the Cell

Step 8: Now You Can Play the Firework!