Introduction: Small Mouse Trap Car

Hi I will be showing you how to make a mouse trap car. If you do not know what a mouse trap car is I will being how it works. The mouse trap car is a car that is powered by mouse trap by rewind the back wheel and letting it go . Of course it is not only a mouse trap you will need other things. If you want to know what they are go to the next step.

Step 1: The Things You Will Need

With these things you can make a mousetrap car and compete with your friends and see who built it better.
1. Mouse trap
2. 5 popsicle sticks
3. Two corks
4. 1 string
5. 2 Skewers

Step 2: Start Building the Car

The first thing you will want to do is put two popsicle sticks under your mousetrap by putting glue or hot glue on them so they can stick on.

Step 3: Getting the Wheels

The next thing you want to do is flip the mouse trap to the opposite sids of the popsicle sticks. Then you would get a the straw and cut it into four pieces once you are done with that put one of the straws on the tip of the popsicle sticks if you need help look at the picture. Then at the back of the mouse trap put the two pieces of cardboard on them on both sides then put the straws the same way you put them in the front. Then you need to get the skewer and cut them but keep the pointy side so it will be easy to poke into the corks and don’t cut to much or to less. Then you want to use the corks as tires by poking the pointy side of the skewer for the non pointy just try making a hole in it with scissors then put glue in the hole and the put the skewer in it remember to do it with both sides.

Step 4: Making It Move

So next thing you will need to do is tie the string to the part of the mousetrap called a hammer then glue the other end of the string to the back wheels between the straws then rewind it as long as the string does snap then let go the it should move forward.

Step 5: Optinal Choice

Now you can decorate your car however you want by coloring it with a marker but it is your choice.