Introduction: Small Project Quilting Frame

Within the first few awkward and ill-fated steps of a quilting project, it was clear that a quilt frame could be very useful for hand stitching.  And by helpful, I mean  least for me and the safety of my fingertips. 

Quilt frame designs are fairly simple, but for obvious reasons, fairly large. This frame is 33 inches high holds fabric up to 16" wide and has an adjustable/tilting quilting area.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


1 1/2" wide by 8" long (4)
3/4" wide by 17" (1)
1/4" dowel (1)

1/2" wide by 33" long (2)
1" dowels - 16" long (2)
1/4" dowel (1)

Large eye bolts with wing nuts (2)
Small eye bolts with washers (4)
Any kind of grippy mat - an old yoge mat would also work
Wood glue

Flush saw
Drill (1/8" an 1/4" bits)

Step 2: Base Feet

The four pieces of cherry will make the feet of the frame.  Make sure you use a fairly heavy wood for stability.
  • Mark center and 1 1/4" on either side
  • Chisel out this area to 1/4" depth
  • On two pieces: Drill 1/4" holes all the way through piece (about 1 1/2" in from the ends)
  • On the other two pieces, drill corresponding holes about 1" in depth. 
  • Glue and clamp
  • Add small amount of glue to the ,1/4" walnut dowels and use mallet to fix them firmly into each piece.
  • Once dry, use a flush saw to remove excess length of dowels and sand

Step 3: Sides

To create legs:
  • Drill 5 holes about 2" apart, starting from the top, along the long walnut pieces
  • Drill two more holes 1/2" apart just above the middle of the legs
  • Take the 17" cherry piece and drill two holes in both ends (matching holes in previous step)
  • Affix cherry bar to both legs and insert walnut dowels
  • Clamp
  • Place whole piece into feet
  • After glue has dried, use the flush saw to cut of ends of dowels

Step 4: Quiling Area Frame

The actual quilting area is made up of the 2 pieces of mahogany and both 1" walnut dowels.
  • Drill an 1/8" hole 1" in from the end of each side.
  • One 1/4" in the middle of each
  • Drill 1/8" holes into both ends of dowels

Step 5: Assemble

For final assembly, just screw quilting area frame to the legs. Do any final sanding, finish and add mat to dowels.

Now you are ready to begin a new project : )

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