Introduction: Small Robot

Small automata with simple materials that can be keep in small places.

Small robot that made you have good times!

Step 1: Materials, Tools and Template


-Glue Stick

- Wood Peg

-Paper Clip


- Scissors

- Cutter

- Drill

- Drill bit

- Long Nose Pliers

Step 2: Cut Robot Parts

First, We gonna cut all the pieces in de template by the continus line. With the scissors or the cutter.

Step 3: Cut and Paste Hands

Fold the rectangles of the arms and paste with the glue stick, Cut them after. Paste the small rectangles to the arm by the circular part.

Step 4: Folding and Assembly

Cut the semicircles in the body of the robot, Fold the body and slide le arms inside it.

Step 5: Straighten and Twist Paperclip

Take the clip and unfolit until you get a straight wire. Using the template make a ring in the end.

Step 6: Lever

Paste the with rectangle covering the ring.

Step 7: Mechanism

Glue the straps attached to the arms to the clip.

Step 8: Close Body

Close the body, like a box, glueing the flaps.

Step 9: Paste Legs

Fold,and paste the glue and attach them to the body with the glue stick

Step 10: Foots

Fold, glue and cut the circles of the foots. Paste them to the legs

Step 11: Head and Neck

Fold and paste the neck and the head like a bucket. Join the neck to head glueing inside

Step 12: Join Head and Eyes

Paste the neck to the body with glue and after that paste the eyes

Step 13: Mark and Drill

With the template mark the peg and drill it

Step 14: Join Robot to Peg

Introduce the clip to the hole and glue the foots to the peg

Step 15: Measure and Bend

With masking tape mark where do you want do blend the clip, pull it out and with the Pliers make a 90 degree curve. Cut the surplus, and paste it to the peg with masking tape.

Step 16: Step 17: Enjoy!!

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