Introduction: Small Room Hack: Swinging Shelf

Do you live in a dorm? Do you live in a small room? Do you need more shelves for your stuff but there's no space left? Welcome to the club!! As a college student, I've been dealing with living in a small room, but too much important stuff I couldn't just toss aside. So I came up with this Swinging Shelf to save space in my small room. This project is quite easy and cost-effective. You're going to need:

- High table

- Multipurpose plastic basket

- Ribbon (I used satin ribbon-surprisingly quite strong- but you can use any ribbon or rope)

- Transparent tape

- Gift wrapping paper and transparent PVC sheet (optional)

Step 1: Ribbon and Plastic Basket

First thing first, tuck the ribbon inside and outside the holes, from the side trough the bottom of the plastic basket.

Step 2: Installation

You need something to hold the basket in place. In this step, I used a water gallon because the height's just perfect. You can use a carton box, chair, etc. Then you need to place the ribbon from one side -> above table -> the other side (see pictures) and then tie the ribbon. After that, secure the ribbon with tape. Now you can remove the gallon/box carton.

Now I need to cover the ribbon on the table. I used gift wrapping paper and tape to secure it. You can add a transparent PVC sheet to add more protection (from dust, water, oil, etc) on the gift wrapping paper.

Step 3: Arrange Your Stuff

Now you have your own Swinging Shelf. I use this shelf for my kitchen stuff and going to try it for my craft supplies. If you are sure that your basket is quite strong, you can put your books there. Hopefully, this instructable is useful for your dorm life and have a nice day :D

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