Introduction: Small Shelf

Thos is how to build a small shelf

Step 1: Measure

First measure the width of the back as 1inch than the length the same size as the board then do the same for the front then for the body you measure its width as 4 inches and the length the same as the others

Step 2: Mark

Mark lines 1 inch from the bottom then 1 inch higher and then another 4 inches higher

Step 3: Cut

Cut along the lines as well as possible to cut them out

Step 4: Paint

Then get a dropsheet and a can of white spray paint then spray it on the wood

Step 5: Nail the Back to the Body

Drive 3 nails in the back connecting it to the body

Step 6: Nail the Front to the Body

Drive 3 nails through the front connecting it to the body

Step 7: Drilling Holes in the Shelf

Drill 3 holes into the the back

Step 8: Drill Holes

Drill holes in the wall for the anchors

Step 9: Screw in Anchors

Screw anchors into the holes in the walls

Step 10: Screw Anchors to Shelf

Screw the anchors to the shelf with mounting screw