Introduction: Small Soccer Goal

This Soccer Goal (without a net) is made of 1in PVC pipe that is 24in x 34in. The total cost of this is about 16$

Step 1:

Materials: 2- 10ft of 1in PVC pipes ($3.81 ea), 6- 90 degree elbow pvc (1in) ( 73 cents ea), 4- "Tees" PVC pipe (1in) (96 cents ea) Total Price is around 16$

Cut the 2- 10ft PVC pipe into: 2- 35in pipes, 4- 24in pipes, 2-18in pipes and 4- 8in pipes. (I used a saw to cut the pieces)

20ft of PVC pipe is enough for this with 6in leftover.

Step 2:

Connect 2 tees to the ends of the 18in pipe

Then add the 8in pipe to the ends of the 18in pipe w/ the tee connect

Add the 90 degree elbow PVC to the ends of the pipe

Make another one following the same steps

Step 3:

Add 2- 24in pipe to the ends of one of the finished piece we did in step 2

Step 4:

Add 2- 90 degree elbows to the end of pipe pointing upwards

Then add the remaining 2- 24in pipe to the 90 degree elbows upward like in the picture

Step 5:

Connect the 2nd piece we made in step 2 to the 24in pipe.

Rotate the 4 "Tees" pointing towards each other.

Step 6:

Use the last 2- 35in pipes and connect it to the the "Tees". You can make it without these pipes connecting to the back but these pipes make it more stable. The finished product is 24in by 34in.

You can buy a net for this but it will increase the total cost of 16$

Step 7:

If you want, you can use the 35in pipes that was connected to the back and replace the 24in pipe to add more height to to goal without the back connection (you can buy more pieces for the back connection). You can make different size goals using different sizes using the same steps.