Introduction: Small Sparkling Garden in Jar

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Hello! Happy Summertime!
I guess you already know that in summer, walking around the garden/city is the best way to spend your beautiful day. Or, go to the forest or waterfall? It's your time!

Do you see moss in stones or wall in your vacation? It's beautiful, right? Now, I'll tell you how to make a small sparkling garden in jar. It's good for your room.

Step 1: You Need




Glass bottle

Glass/plastic jar (bigger than the bottle

String lights



Step 2: Get Ready

Get ready all of the stuffs
Clean the bottle, jar, and stones.

Step 3: String Lights

Put the string lights into the glass bottle.

Step 4: The Moss

Put the moss at the stones. Tie it with the yarn. Dont tie to tight, it will break the root of the moss. The function of the yarn is just to hold the moss. Lil bit shaky, it doesn't matter.
You can get your moss in many place of city. Just find a dark or moist place. Peel it.

Step 5: Snailshell

I found the snailshell in the garden. So, I do the same. Put the moss on it and tie it with yarn.

Step 6: Jar

Put the glass bottle into the jar. Put the moss-stones and the moss-snailshell too into the jar. Place it nicely.

It depends on you. You can add the water into the jar if you like. And no if you dont. It's all okay. But, If you dont want to add water into the jar, don't forget to water it with sprayer regularly. The moss love the moist place.

Step 7: Finish

Turn on the light and see- now you have a beautiful natural lamp in your room.

Step 8: Thank You

Ah, thank you for look my work. Thank you for your support. Have a nice day!

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