Introduction: Small Tesla Coil

This is how to make a mini tesla coil. You will need:

22 gauge copper wire

28 gauge copper wire

One switch

A 9V battery and clip

PVC Pipe (2cm in diameter)

One 2N2222A Transistor

One 22K Ohm Resistor

Step 1: Wrap the 22 Gauge Wire

The first step is to wrap the 22 gauge copper wire around the PVC pipe. One can do this by hand or one can use a small electric motor (this is what I did do to it being easier to get a tighter coil). Leave one end of the wire sticking out from the bottom and one end sticking out from the top. Tape the ends down if needed.

Step 2: Solder All the Wires Together

Once you have wrapped the 22 gauge wire, wrap the 28 gauge wire two times around the bottom of the PVC pipe. Solder one wire from the battery connector to the transistor, then the other wire to the switch. Solder one end of the 28 gauge wire to the transistor. Solder the bottom end of the 22 gauge wire to the transistor along with the resistor. Then solder the other end of the resistor to the other end of the 28 gauge copper wire, then solder a basic wire to that connection and solder the other end of the basic wire to the switch. Once you have everything soldered together connect the battery and boom, electricity.

Step 3: Electricity!

Now that everything is connected the tesla coil should expel electricity.