Small Witches Broom Charm for Halloween




Introduction: Small Witches Broom Charm for Halloween

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Wonder to DIY witches broom charm for celebrating Halloween? Check this tutorial out!

Step 1: Materials Needed in DIY Small Witches Broom Charm:

Step 2: Make the Brush for the Small Witches Broom Charm

1st, cut off 15cm 0.3mm copper wire, slide three seed beads onto the wire, fold it in half, then slide ten seed beads onto both wires;

2nd, do another nine in the same method, twist the extra wires together for convenient wrapping.

Step 3: Make the Handle for the Small Witches Broom

1st, cut off about 20cm 0.5mm black copper wire, let the black wire wrap around the 0.3mm wires about 3cm;

2nd, twist the 0.3mm wires, make a loop at the end, continue to wrap the black wire to fix the loop, cut off the extra wires, now you get a small witches broom;

3rd, take a cord loop attach to the loop of the small witches broom.

Step 4: Done!

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