Introduction: Small Zippered Box

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When my Hubby and I got engaged (18 years ago) we wanted to shake my kids up, just a little, so we bought this gaudy looking ring for $10.00 and I wore it for a while. Eventually I put the ring away and when deep cleaning I found it again. I decided to create a little box to keep it in. I found this idea on Pintrest here: I didn’t buy anything extra to make this, I used just things I had on hand. This is how I created this cute little zippered round box. Here we go.

Step 1:


2 lids (1.5 inches (4cm) in diameter) from empty prescription bottles

Scrap of “Warm and Natural” batting

Scrap of fabric (your choice of pattern and color)

4 inch (10 cm) in diameter paper circle

2.5 (6-7 cm) inch in diameter paper circle

Scrap chip board (an old cereal or cracker box)

4 inch (10 cm) zipper (If you can’t find one, go to this Instructable:, to learn how to shorten a zipper)



Needle (hand sewing type)

Hot glue gun with hot glue sticks

Step 2:

Cut two 2.5 inch circles of the warm and natural batting.

Step 3:

Cut 2 – 4 inch circles of your fabric. Cut two 2.5 inch circle of the fabric.

Step 4:

Take a knife and remove the plastic pieces from the inside of each lid.

Step 5:

Thread the needle with thread, pull both threads even at the end and tie a knot. Use the needle to make a running stitch around the edge of a large one of the 4 inch circles of fabric. Don’t tie it off, just leave a tail with the needle still attached.

Step 6:

Put glue on the top of the lid.

Step 7:

Center the batting over the glue and press in place.

Step 8:

Turn the lid upside down on the fabric. Pull on the needle end of the thread gathering the fabric around the whole lid. When everything is snug, use the needle to sew and tie the ends off. Repeat the whole process (steps 5, 6, 7, 8) with the next lid.

Step 9:

Use the thread and needle to make a running stitch along one edge of the zipper. Pull the tread to form a flat surface upon which you attach the zipper to a finished lid.

Step 10:

Use the thread and needle to sew the edge closest to the zipper to the outer edge of one of the lids using a blind hem stitch.

Step 11:

Repeat with the other edge of the zipper and the other lid. Use the thread the needle to whip the two open sides (where the ends of the zipper meet) closed. This will act as a hinge as you open and close the box.

Step 12:

Cut two 1.5 inch diameter circles out of chip board. Lay each piece of chip board in the center of the wrong side of each 2.5 inch circle of fabric. You may use thread and needle to gather the edges like you did before. Use the hot glue to glue the edges of the fabric to the backside of the chip board.

Step 13:

Unzip your little box. Glue a fabric covered circle, one on the top and one on the bottom to cover all the raw edges on the inside of the box.

Step 14:

Done! Not too bad. Enjoy!

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