Spark Rocket Stove Project

Introduction: Spark Rocket Stove Project

About: Small metal workshop owner.
Small metal camping rocket stove. The body is made from 150/100mm profile closing the combustion chamber made with 80/80mm metal profile. The feeder is again piece from 150/100 profile. The space between the body and the chamber is insulated with mixture of sand. Few additional metal rods was added for stability. They are removed in the second version.

The second video shows the heater design add-ons; ashtray box, draft regulation valve, long feeder and air intake. New higher fixing legs are attached. I called this rocket stove "Spark".

I'm still not satisfied with the ashtray design and his capacity. Working on it...
Today I made a pellet burning test. I fill the stove to the maximum. It burn the pellets for 3 hours. Still thinking about the tray design.

This is video part 4 which shows the stove burning coal red hot.

The final version work just perfect. It was tested in 20 sq/m room heated for 15 minutes. The local heating unit makes the same temperature in the room for 15 mins, burning 3 times more fuel. Well, it heats up the other rooms with radiators and this is the plus from the central local heater. If you need to heat a small 20-30 sq/m room,  the stove is perfect.

Check out the waste oil stove project and "Bubafonia" stoves.

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    8 years ago

    Hi kppteam, l want this baby ;-) . Could you give me the measurements please. Because I live in a small mobile home and winter is coming I have good use for it. thanks. Jack from a cold and wet Holland