Small Color Change Christmas Tree




Introduction: Small Color Change Christmas Tree

How can you make a color change Christmas tree?

Step 1: Please Watch the Video

This idea shows how can You make a color change tree from glue.

Step 2: Tools

You don't need too many thing for this small tree.You need:

-a glue gun

-a pair of scrissors

-a blade

-a calipers

Step 3: Materials

You need:


-a RGB color change LED

-some cable

- a small wax paper

- Christmas wrapping paper

-a small cardboard

-a battery box and a switch or a battery box with a switch

-a piece of sandpaper

Step 4: The Tree

First You need to
decide: how big is your tree going to be? You are going to make your tree onto a circle.My cirle’s radius is 22 millimeters. It’s ideal because it’s not too big but not too small. About a half glue stick sold out for this.

Draw a circle onto the wax paper and onto the cardboard too. If You can glue the wax paper somewhere, then do it. Cut out the cardboard circle.

Make a cirle from glue onto the drawed circle. Wait until it’s dry and hard. Then make a smaller circle onto this. Repeat this until the circles abut. Make the top of the tree and it has already been ready.

Step 5: The LED

Grab the LED and the sandpaper, burnish the LED. Put the LED into the cardboard circle. Bend the LED’s legs 90 deegres. Then glue the tree onto the cardboard.

Step 6: The Circuit

Put the batteries into the battery box and
if You need put the switch into the circle. Connect the LED’s legs with the batteries and test the circuit. If the polarity is good and the LED lights, You can fix it. Fix the cables to the LED’s legs and the bottom of the cardboard.

Step 7: Finish

Glue the cardboard to the battery box and if You need fix the switch too. Involve the Battery box with the wrapping paper.

Step 8: It's Ready!

Put the batteries into the battery box. If your tree lights , You are ready :). You can put it everywhere, where do You want and you can make a gift of it to your friends, relatives. Please vote me in „MAKE IT GLOW” contest, thank You very much! Merry Christmas!

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    Reply 6 years ago

    Thank you, very much! :) :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    That´s very cool and very nice manufacturing technique!!